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Redken for Men
REDKEN for men - Clean brew
Clean Brew
Extra Cleansing Shampoo for Men



Extra cleansing shampoo with anti-grit technology eliminates dirt and oil while helping to purify the scalp.


Clean Brew is a premium blend of malt, brewer's yeast and orange zest that intensely cleanses, removing any styling product buildup from clays waxes.


Click the link for more information on Redken Hair Care Products for Men!

REDKEN for men - Styling Products
Redken Styling Products
For Men


The Redken Hair Styling Products for Men collection, arranged by level of control, gives you an array of styling options.  From pomade to paste and gel to fiber gun, there are mild, medium, and maximum control products that will help you create the latest look.  


Some styling products include:

  • Dishevel Fiber hair cream

  • Get Groomed Finishing cream

  • Stand Tough Extreme gel


Click the link for more information on Redken Hair Styling Products for Men!

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