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Redken - Cerafill Thinning Hair Solutions
Redken - Cerafill Defy
Redken - Cerafill Retaliate
Redken - Cerafill Thinning Hair Solutions
Thickening for Normal to Thin Hair


Cerafill Defy will improve the appearance of thin hair.  Hair will instantly look and feel fuller with a healthy shine.  


The Defy system includes:


  • Defy Hair Thickening Shampoo - Thickening shampoo for fuller-feeling hair

  • Defy Hair Thickening Conditioner - Lightweight thickening conditioner for fuller feeling hair

  • Defy Energizing Scalp Treatment - Energizing daily toner to help improve the appearance of normal to thin hair

For Advanced Thinning Hair


Professional formulas with menthol, ceramide and SP-94 stregthen, stimulate and nourish so hair instantly looks and feels fuller.  Take your plan of attack further with Minoxidil Topical Solution, USP hair regrowth treatment, clinically proven to help regrow hair.


The Retaliate system includes:


  • Retaliate Shampoo

  • Retaliate Conditioner

  • Minoxidil Topical Solution, USP

Redken - Cerafill Maximize Treatment Stylers
Maximize Treatment Stylers


Anyone with thinning hair can instantly benefit from Creafill Maximize products that help make the most of every strand.  For use with both Cerafill systems.


The Maximize products include:


  • Dense FX hair diameter thickening treatment

  • Texture Effect hair & scalp refresher

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