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  About Us: Our Stylists: Cathy Hamer

Hairacy's Stylist - Cathy Hamer

Cathy Hamer 


Cathy Hamer has been part of the Hairacy’s team for over 7 years and is thrilled to be “coming home” to the KV area where she worked for many years as owner/stylist at HairTistic.Cathy’s extensive background includes ongoing design, color, texture and customer service training which led her to 10 years as REDKEN TECHNICAL EDUCATOR. This enabled her to achieve a higher level of education as well as becoming an educator herself. She is proud to have been among the first in Canada to receive the designation of REDKEN CERTIFIED COLORIST.


Cathy’s years of experience have taught her that the most important thing you can do for your client is “Listen and HEAR” what you have to say about your hair, after all, who knows your hair better than you. “My goal is - every time I meet up with a client, to be proud of the way their hair looks.” Always looking for something more to give her clients, Cathy has taken on the WIG SERVICE at HAIRACYS. She will take the time, with every client, to find the best solution, whether the need is for medical reasons, convenience or just as a style alternative.


In her spare time, besides renovating her 125 year old home Cathy volunteers with the Saint John Theatre Company -when needed, to create styles for many of their performances, She loves to find a way to mimic the styles of the 20’s, 40’s , 60’s and even the styles from the early 1800’s. Her most cherished spare time activity is spending tine with her family and even more so, since the addition of her grandson Jacob.

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